Brødrene Selvik


Brødrene Selvik AS:
Alt innen bygg og betong

50 years of experience in building, concrete and workshop make Brødrene Selvik AS a standing in this type of professional work in Sauda. Pride and work will be the key to success, according to General manager Leif Inge Løland.

 Most successful companies have a good story about how it all started, and the entrepreneurial firm Brødrene Selvik AS is no exception. This story started in 1967, with two brothers with stand on-will and entrepreneurial instincts. They started with a single Brøyt, and took local missions.

With time there were permanent missions for the ironworks, and as the years have passed, one Brøyten has turned into a million company with 44 employees divided into concrete units, reconstruction, building and construction, workshop and mixing plants. Last year, Brødrene Selvik AS was able to note a record result of eight million kroner.

Proud of your business

General manager Leif Inge Løland himself as chief of the entrepreneurial firm in 2013, and he commends the attitudes of the employees to the job.
– Jeg opplever at sunn holdning og arbeidsvilje er blitt en bedriftskultur her hos oss. Vi er stolte av bedriften vi jobber i, og det gjennomsyrer hele organisasjonen, forteller han.

There is little doubt that employees are appreciated at Brødrene Selvik AS. In connection with the 50 year anniversary, as well the company spent a trip to Malaga for all the staff, accompanied by.

Modern equipment

Løland draws a clear parallel between the work will, outcomes, and the experience customers get in the face of the company in connection with the mission.
– God økonomi gir oss mulighet til å være oppdatert og moderne i utstyrsparken. Det gjør oss igjen mer effektive og nøyaktige i våre oppdrag. Vi streber etter å ha godt utstyr som takler oppdragene best mulig. Kundene og oppdragsgiverne skal oppleve oss som ordentlige og seriøse, enten det er en liten eller en stor jobb, sier han, og legger til at Brødrene Selvik AS gjør befaringer og prisvurderinger kostnadsfritt.

Brødrene Selvik AS takes large and small missions, both for private and for business.

Construction and concrete

Performs all types of construction and concrete works, from smaller missions such as stairs, walls and garages, to larger constructions such as bridges, dams and schools. Read more about concrete work on our website.

Mix Works

Brødrene Selvik AS Supplies Ferdigblandet cement wherever you want. For smaller jobs, there are also spruteutstyrs to walls, tunnel walls, etc.

Basic work

Excavation of land for houses and huts, ditch and road work. and other processing of ground and property. Please check the home page for more information.

Sand and Gravel

Brødrene Selvik AS has Grustak on Kastfoss/Birkeland, they deliver gravel, crushed, sand and concrete. Please check the home page for more information.


Outdents for repair on heavy anleggsutsyr. manufactures own steel-out systems. Also takes regular mechanical assignments.