Take The Step

Rideakademi og opplevelser

Take The Step- Horseback Riding Adventures

Enjoy a nice ride in the beautiful nature of Mosbakka Farm in Saudasjøen. Take The Step offers rides for young and old, professional or beginner level riders.

Stephanie Birkeland runs Take The Step Classical Riding Academy. She comes from western USA, and has a long, broad background in the horse industry. She is a member of The Knighthood of The Academic Art of Riding, and practices the Science of Motion. Stephanie is known for simplifying the most difficult exercises. She has studies and practices in both french and german teaching methods. She has a unique gift of communication with horses that she enjoys teaching to others.

Lessons and adventure rides at Take The Step are tailored to your riding level. We offer rides or groundwork, you choose what you would like to do.

Stephanie is a positive instructor who cares about both horse and rider, and will guide you both forward in a way that your confidence, physical and mental balance will give you a feeling of harmony together with your horse. You can participate in preparing your horse and visit the other animals on the farm.

We wish you a warm welcome to Mosbakka Farm!

The Riding Academy- Positive Learning

At Take The Step, you will enjoy a positive learning experience where both you and your horse will gain confidence and develop together. Instructor Stephanie Birkeland comes from western USA where her career was working with horses. She is a member of the prestigous Knighthood of The Academic Art of Riding, and the standard here at Take The Step is very high. We focus mostly on these elements:

Nature of the horse

How Horses learn

How to interpret the horses response from the riders signals

Rider position

Systematic development of horse and rider

Equipment choice and adjustment

The mental and physical balance in the horse

Enjoyment for both horse and rider

Day Camps/Trail Rides

Day Camps for all levels, great for families, friends, school groups, and anyone interested in more than just riding. You come in contact with farm animals at Mosbakka Farm, help with preparing the horses and stable chores. Riding is customized to the level of the group and varies from arena riding, walks in nature, to adventurous rides in the forest in all gaits. Bring your packed lunch, (we have a grill). We have coffee, tea, juice, ketchup and mustard.

Helmets are included.

Daycamp 4 hours, minimum 2 hour ride: kr. 800,- p/rytter

Daycamp 6 hours, minimum 4 hour ride: kr. 1200, p/rytter

Trailride 1 hour, arena or trailride: kr 500,- for 1 rider

Trailride 1 hour, group up to 7 riders, arena or trailride: kr. 350,- p/rider

Trailride 2 hour: kr. 750,- for 1 rider

Trailride 2 hour, group up to 7 riders: 600,- p/rider

Private Instruction

Private lessons with Stephanie Birkeland. Read more about her background under ´Take The Step´.

Private lessons with your own horse: kr. 750,- /60 min

Private lessons with our schoolhorse: kr. 900,- /60 min

Group lesson with 2 or more riders with own horse: kr 600,- p/rider /60 min

(Add kr. 150,- for use of schoolhorse)


Apartment with access to horses, skiing, hiking.

Rustic, fully-furnished apartment, located on a farm, with: sheep, cattle, pigs, horses. Guests are free to wander our roads and paths! Beautiful nature year-round. Hiking, skiing, horseback riding.

The place
The apartment is located on a farm. Guests are welcome to wander our roads and paths… no access to barns! These are not open for the public.

Access for guests
Guests can roam our roads and paths. Guests/public are not allowed access to our barns!

Other things to know
There are countless hiking paths! You can walk directly into Sauda´s wonderful nature, right from the apartment.
We have horses, and 2 hour or 4 hour rides can be booked.
We are 4 km from the ski area, Svandalen, and just below the nordic ski area, Lyngmyr. The ski trails go through our farm, and you can access them from the apartment on skiis.
There is bus access from the door- just order from hentmeg i Sauda (information in the apartment).
Apartment is 4 km from Sauda center.